Welcome to Nature Cures Doc!

Welcome to my initial blog post. My goal with my blogging is to be of service and to offer a unique perspective re: all things that have to do with holistic health care. There seem to be quite enough blogs out there rehashing studies, and telling you what supplements to take for what conditions, etc. My blog may include those things from time to time, but what makes my perspective unique is that I truly trust the wisdom of Nature. I practice nonviolent medicine which means that
1. I assume positive intent on the part of Nature. To me, this is the definition of a Vitalist.
2. I see the interrelationship and interdependence of all things, human as an ecosystem and of an ecosystem
3. When I make suggestions, it is intended to nourish and nurture the individual, so that they have the greatest chance of recovery.
4. I rarely come from the point of view that we must vanquish, kill, or eradicate disease. I think we must understand disease so that we can figure out what the individual needs in order to no longer foster the conditions that called in that disease.
5. For the most part I see most conditions that we have labeled as “disease” as the body/mind/spirit’s attempt to return the system to a homeodynamic “healthy” state, whether it’s through discharge, walling things off or increasing circulation to decrease stasis and congestion.
6. I recognize that every one of us dies, and that the preparation of each of us for that day would result in less “heroic” (i.e. high intervention) medicine. I don’t consider it “heroic” to keep a suffering body or soul going out of fear of the unknown or fear of facing loss. That said, everyone should get to choose what options are best for them.
7. Fostering joy and ecstasy in living life on this amazing planet, so that we can all reach our highest and greatest potential, in our wonderful and beautiful bodies, is the goal with my work!
I know this is not the standard way of looking at health and disease in 21st century America. I am a student of history, especially in regards to health and medicine. The conventional view of medicine is an anomaly both in history and worldwide. Because of our wealth and arrogance, we are currently imposing this conventional model on folks (especially impoverished) throughout the world. Most of the diseases of the “developing” nations could be solved by the eradication of poverty and with the salve of economic justice and self-determination. Making these nations dependent on the US pharmaceutical companies for their “health and wellbeing” and labeling their own cultural medical practices irrelevant, and “primitive” is incredibly disrespectful and naïve. We don’t need more vaccines and toxic medications, we need to restore the wealth of those nations that we have plundered throughout history. Providing immunizations, and dumping our superceded drugs on poorer nations may feel good to those arrogant, wealthy and surely well-meaning folks, but it is a short sighted, “treating the symptoms” approach.
So now you know what my perspective is, what is my product/content?! The way I see it, I have two audiences: thoughtful, politically aware natural health afficianados, and naturopathic students and young naturopathic doctors trying to stay true to their roots. I will give information and perspective on health and wellness issues, and always, always, practical affordable tips.
I am a naturopathic physician, having graduated from Bastyr University in 1992. I’ve been in practice since that time, and also have taught naturopathic and herbal students at Bastyr, members of the public, spa therapists, massage therapists, and soon, acupuncture students! See my profile at http://about.me/nwelliver

Thanks for reading! I intend to post once a week, on Mondays or Tuesdays. Next week I will discuss Health=Love, Sleep and Poop (Discharge)©.